Energy Central Membership



You can subscribe to most Energy Central power industry newsletters without an Energy Central Network membership. Click here for more information.



Energy Central is a membership-based Professional Network serving the global electric power industry. Your access to the Network will depend upon your membership qualifications.



You will need a complete profile to access non-public functionality and content (such as member lists and profiles).

A complete profile includes basic professional information you can edit on your account page as well as your professional interests and expertise.

Providing this information allows us deterimine your membership eligibility and to connect you with relevant people and content on the Network.



Once you have completed your profile, we will review it for potential acceptance to our community. This process can take up to 10 business days. Here are some items that will help towards your approval:

  • You have a company email address and not a generic (like gmail or yahoo)
  • You have a description of your background or experience in your bio (especially important if you are retired or work for yourself).



After you have been approved for membership, you can join specific groups (such as HR or Grid Professionals) and participate in those communities.



Our Premium and Verified Utility Professional members have access to nearly all functionality and content on the Network, including private messaging. 

Your status as a Verified Utility Professional is based on your work email domain (the part after the '@' character) matching an approved utility domain in our database. 

Premium Membership is available to employees of our partner and sponsor companies, and on an individual basis. 



Our community team is available to assist you in getting the most value out of the Energy Central Network. You can reach us at Please allow up to 3 business days for a response.