Community Standards was created to encourage open communication and foster connections between global power industry professionals. The Contributor of any post, shared link, comment, question, answer or other content (Post) is responsible for that content as per Energy Centrals' Terms of Use.

Energy Central has developed the following Community Standards that will govern all submissions.

Illegal Uses Prohibited - The Site may not be used for any unlawful purpose, such as to operate a phishing site or pursue any other illegal activity.

Protecting Privacy and Identity - Participants are not permitted to mislead others about their identity or assume another person’s name when registering. Furthermore, contributors are not permitted to disclose another person’s confidential information including (but not limited to) credit card numbers, social security number, address, phone number etc.

Defamatory Content, Pornography and Libel - Contributors are not to defame the character of others, use hate language or include adult (pornographic) material on The Site. A contributed item shown to contain such information may be removed from public view, and you may be blocked from participating in the platform.

Unlawful, fraudulent or libelous information is not permitted - If we believe information to be damaging, we reserve the right to remove the statement. However, all content is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Contributor, not of Energy Central.

Non-Commercial Use - The Site is intended for professionals to share ideas, opinions and other news of interest to the industry. It may not be used to advertise or promote products, services or companies, unless your company has a promotional relationship with Energy Central. Sponsorship and advertising information can be found here.

Copyrighted Materials - Get permission from the creator before using copyrighted material in your Post. This includes any images you include in your posts or comments. Energy Central responds to notices of infringement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). If your Post is blocked to comply with DMCA, we will attempt to contact you so you may rectify the situation and have your post reinstated.



The Energy Central Power Industry Network® has instituted an approval process for all content posted on the network. When you add a post, share a link, share a resource, ask or answer a question, your content will be managed through a review process.

We typically will review submitted content within the next business day. If your content is approved, you will be notified by email. Add to your safe sender list.

During this review process, we may also choose to pre-approve you. This pre-approval will allow you to bypass the content approval process for any content that you may post in the future. If you are pre-approved, you will be notified by email. This approval will stay intact as long as you follow our posting guidelines:

  • Your content must be appropriate for professionals working in the global electric power industry. If it is targeted towards consumers or other industries it will not be approved.
  • Press releases for utilities or energy companies may be posted or shared. Vendor press releases are considered promotional. If you would like to promote a press release and you are a vendor, you can contact our client services team for package options.
  • You may work for a vendor and have valuable insights to share with the community. You will be allowed to do so if your content is not promotional.  Content is considered promotional if it references your company, service or products. Content is also considered promotional if it includes links back to your company page, images contain company branding, resources contain company logos and/or a call to action. Promotional content will not be approved unless your company has a sponsor or partner relationship with Energy Central.  ​​If you want to reach Energy Central members with product and service information, please contact our client services team for options or you can download our Media Kit.



Energy Central is a news and content platform for the global power industry.

For our news service, we aggregate news related to the global power industry from thousands of sources.

As a content platform, we allow industry professionals to publish content relevant to other industry professionals.

For all content: our editorial function filters out items that are not related to the industry.

For contributed content: we allow our members to discuss issues in a respectful manner. Nobody has a Perfect Solution for responding and adapting to the evolution of the electric power industry. There are no "Perfect Solutions" for power generation, transmission, distribution or end-usage. Every tactic for reducing emissions, increasing access and reliability while managing economic impacts is imperfect and requires trade-offs.

Energy Central is an independent platform that allows our members to respectfully discuss potential options and solutions, along with their advantages and disadvantages in order to advance good decision-making in the industry. Editorially, we do not favor any specific solution, approach or vendor for the challenges of 21st century energy. We allow our members - the smartest people working in the industry - to present and discuss their data, understanding, projections, ideas and opinions.


If you have any questions on our Community Standards or terms of use, you may contact us at


updated January 21, 2020