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Energy management is the proactive, organized and systematic coordination of procurement, conversion, distribution and use of energy to meet  requirements, taking into account environmental and economic objectives. The Groups in this network support utility energy management professionals.

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Post - Energy Efficiency Group -

When we fail renters, we fail society

Scrolling through my newsfeed this morning, I came across a good article in the Washington post about retrograde landlords who hamstring their tenants’ energy conservation ambitions, and the failure of our regulatory measures to address this...

Post - Energy Efficiency Group -

Can America integrate enough energy efficiency solutions to overcome the likelihood of brownouts this Summer through the end of 2024?

Can America integrate enough energy efficiency solutions to mitigate the likelihood of brownouts this Summer through the end of 2024? Increasing temperatures across Europe this Spring and Summer will force millions of Europeans to do so...

Post - Energy Efficiency Group -

Are we doing enough when it comes to energy efficiency?

The transition away from fossil fuels is not going to happen as quickly as climate change advocates hope. That fact behooves us to place more emphasis on other options. Check out this post for one such option that we should be more focused on.

Post - Load Management Group -

Charging Ahead: Utilities Powering Up to Embrace Electric Vehicle Growth

This article explores how utilities adapt to the rise of electric vehicles (EVs), focusing on developing robust charging networks, implementing innovative charging solutions, and exploring vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology.

Post - Energy Efficiency Group -

One Step Forward or Two Steps Back?

'Energy efficiency is essential for dealing with today’s crisis...' Globally, there has been an increase in energy efficiency but overall, progress is slow. Are mandatory measures the answer to climate goals and energy affordability?

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