Frequently Asked Questions


When you participate on the platform, you earn Reputation Points

Reputation Points help us recognize and promote the most helpful members.

You gain points from your posts (content, answers, comments) and activity on your posts (views, likes and comments).

Your points erode over time, when you are not active on the platform.

Your points are displayed on your content items, on your profile page, and on your account page.


You can delete your membership from your Member Account page.

  1. Sign-in to your account
  2. Navigate to your member account profile page:
  3. Click on the 'Cancel account' button.

Your profile and all associated content, comments, answers, etc. will be permanently deleted.

Basic - A reviewed member that works in or has experience in the power industry. This level of membership has limited access to content and features of the platform.

Verified Utility Professional - A user that works for an organization whose primary business is the generation, transmission or distribution of electric power to wholesale or retail customers. This status is verified by the members' email domain. This level of membership has access to most content and features of the platform.

Premium - A member that has subscribed to a package that provides extra access to content and features of the platform.


Yes! If you have an RSS feed of your posts we can set that up for auto-importing.

You can find more info here: RSS Feed Ingestion | Energy Central