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What’s in store

Clean power is great, but green electrons cannot always be used immediately after they are generated. That is where storage comes into the mix. Thomas Lewis joins the Dispatch this week to explain what the sector needs to take the next big leap

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“Candidates For Long Duration Bulk Energy Storage”

The energy transition will require new approaches to energy supply and demand, while vetting newer technologies for energy generation. This article explores different current energy storage technologies.

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Ontario Overrules Cities to Push Gas Plant Expansions

Ontario is pushing ahead with contracts to increase natural gas use and climate pollution in cities that oppose gas plant expansions, despite research showing how the province could clear its looming electricity shortfall with renewables and..

Utilities Harmonize Energy Delivery

As energy companies generate and transmit electricity, a buzz often arises in the plant and on the transmission lines. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has dabbled with correlating the noise to music, so the sounds become one more..

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