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Energy Central’s Power Industry Network® is built to enable communication and collaboration for power industry professionals. Our mission is to make it easy to share, learn and connect with your industry colleagues. For an overview of our platform and how it works, click here.






There are many free and open resources on Energy Central. However, the best content and features are available to registered members only. Interacting with other members is reserved for Qualified Professional members only.

Entry level of membership. A Registered Member only requires basic contact and professional identifying information. You can then access most of the content and functionality of Energy Central After you have completed a full member profile (including your bio & interests) and have been approved as a power industry professional, you can access additional content and features of the site. If you have at least 5 years of experience in the industry, you can request Community Expert status. This gives you a higher level of visibility in a community. It also requires participation in the community. Our Community Leaders help a community grow. They help set the direction for topics and issues for the community to focus on. They also help bring new members and contributors into a community.
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* features can change, without notice
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Our platform is built to enable intelligent, respectful conversations and knowledge sharing among global power industry professionals. We welcome all viewpoints and perspectives. Posting on Energy Central will build your visibility in the industry and among your colleagues.

With more than 100,000 users a month, posting (blogs, resources, questions, answers or shared links) builds your visibility and impact within the community.

All posts are subject to our community standards and website terms & conditions, to maintain useful and engaging communities. The most important conditions are that your posts are NON-COMMERCIAL (unless your company is a sponsor or partner of Energy Central) and focused toward professionals working in the power industry (we are not a consumer site).


Our platform is built to make it easy for you to post your insights and experience. Some of our most popular posts are about:

  • Things learned at a conference
  • Experience with processes or techniques that improved work
  • Thoughts (big and little) about current events related to our industry
  • Explanations about industry topics or technologies
  • New solutions to problems (new and old)
  • Any experience, questions or learnings the encourage your peers and colleagues to start a discussion



If you belong to an organization registered with Energy Central, you can add content on your company's behalf. You will still be recognized as the author, with all of the associated benefits. Additionally, your content will be available on your organization’s page and your organization will be recognized in that post.

You can see if your organization is an Energy Central partner or sponsor here. Contact us and we'll work your organization to get you added as a contributor.

If your organization is non-profit, educational or industry-supporting, contact our community team ( to start a conversation about partnering.

If your company is a vendor or service provider to the industry, you can access our Marketing Guide here, or contact a client services representative at to learn how your company can participate in our communities.



If you (or your organization) are already are publishing a suitable blog, Energy Central can automatically import it to a community (from an RSS feed). This will give your blog higher visibility. For more information on adding your blog to an Energy Central community, contact Please include the URL of your blog. For more details on our RSS feed ingesting, click here.




Our communities thrive on members discussing and learning from each other. Giving feedback, intelligent questions and comments on other members posts is the best way to recognize the effort they’ve put into building a vibrant, useful community. Just look to the bottom of any post and add your insights, comments or questions for the author!



The biggest difference between a community and a news site is the ability to connect, engage and learn from your colleagues. As a member, you can post a question in any community you belong to. Community members and experts can respond with answers. This is a great way to tap into the knowledge of thousands of industry professionals to help solve problems or get answers quickly. If your question is sensitive, you can ask (or answer) anonymously.



Our communities are driven by our members. If you have significant experience and expertise in an area you can apply for Community Expert status. Being a recognized expert comes with some requirements:

  • Our recognized Community Experts have at least 5 years experience in their discipline.
  • Our Community Experts are expected to interact with other members in the community (by answering questions and leaving comments on posts, where relevant).
  • Our recognized experts are also expected to participate in the community on a regular basis, sharing links to relevant knowledge or posting their thoughts and insights.

You can apply for Community Expert status here.



We love partnering with industry participant organizations, conferences, publications, researchers and others. If you have an idea that can benefit our members, just reach out to



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