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The Transmission Professionals special interest group covers the distribution of power from generation to final destination. 

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Paul — 102 posts

CEO, Dumais Consulting

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Dave — 76 posts

Director Technology, CTC Global

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Mike — 60 posts

COO, Mike Beehler & Associates, LLC

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Julian — 44 posts

Staff Writer, Energy Central, BrightGreen PR

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Rao — 41 posts

Independent Consultant, Rakon Energy LLC

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Matt — 32 posts

Energy Analyst, Chester Energy and Policy

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P joined 5 days ago

Manager, Hodson Energy


ADNENE joined 6 days ago

Power system engineer, Société tunisienne de l'électricité et du gaz (STEG)


MD.SAFIRAJ joined 1 week ago

Sub-Assistant Engineer, Energypac

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Mitchell joined 1 week ago

Publisher and Managing Editor, Energy Mix Productions Inc.

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Everod joined 1 week ago

Power Plant Unit Controller, JPSCo

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Allan joined 1 week ago

Senior Utilities Solutions Manager, Seiler Instrument and Manufacturing Company

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Utilities Harmonize Energy Delivery

As energy companies generate and transmit electricity, a buzz often arises in the plant and on the transmission lines. The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) has dabbled with correlating the noise to music, so the sounds become one more..

Can we accelerate transmission development responsibly?

NERC wants transmission planning assessments to include cyberattack scenarios. In the agency’s recent white paper, they make a compelling case for change. Despite the growing risk of cyber attacks on grid infrastructure, the events are generally..

DOE tries to spur transmission development with new framework

Since the beginning of this decade, The Department of Energy has made it clear that the country needs more transmission lines. Recently, they’ve taken to citing National Renewable Energy Laboratory estimates that say the transmission system needs..

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UK net zero 'requires huge grid upgrade'

Net zero will require a transformation of the UK energy grid on a scale unseen since the 1960s – but these upgrades are possible and will bring huge benefits, analysis by Regen has found. An upgraded grid will allow millions...